Zeapals is a children's bath toy brand that brings fun to the tub with their patented bubble enhancer toys and plush sponge scrubby buddies. The design aspects thus far with this brand has consisted of the logo, the cartoon character line, and the packaging for the soap enhancer.





Zeapals wanted to start their children's bath product line with a set of 6 different marine-life characters. After deciding on which ones they wanted, they came to me to bring them to life and give them a personality for the brand. Because their final product of the bubble enhancer was yet to be completed, they wanted to first get the personality in the characters before they expressed them in the product.





This packaging doesn't display the products in these images due to the timing of the project. What you would normally see is the bubble enhancer in the top window bay and 3 soap pods in the bottom bay. Please scroll through the images to view all variations.