fRed Sauce is an entirely organic pepper sauce to be used

on any and all libations for total flavor optimization. Scroll down

to see what we created for fRed Sauce.




The creator, owner, and chef of fRed Sauce is Fred Giacomini (hence the name). With a bold sauce with deep red tones, it seemed fitting to make the color stand out while still including Fred's name to fully encompass what this sauce is about, a

one-man team looking to spread his popular sauce through word-of-mouth and brand recognition through loud marketing.

Fred has been an amazing cook for years, and is widely known around his hometown of Bend, OR as someone who has a hand for great flavors. He's passionate about his product, and even more passionate about great flavor in general. When customers use his products, he wants them to be passionate about what they put in their mouth.


fRed Sauce is currently sold in 8 oz. bottles in

local stores around Oregon. You can also find it in a handful of restaurants around Bend.