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Life in the design world is fast, competitive and always changing. Being a multimedia graphic designer that does just about anything I can get my hands on, my goal is not only to build a quality portfolio, but to build my book of knowledge in multiple fields to excel at what I love to do. You see, most people view their job as a source of income that keeps them afloat and saves them from financial despair, but my views on my profession is completely different from this usual form of thinking. Designing is interesting, challenging, engaging, and requires me to be on my “A-Game” at all times. Most importantly, it’s what I love to do. This post is just the beginning of an exciting new venture that I’ve been planning on for some time, and I plan to post something new, and hopefully engaging to my readers, on a weekly basis that will include some of my own stories on projects and experiences, as well as tips and tricks to making becoming a designer or excelling as one a little bit easier. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it.

Starting off this feed, I will be displaying a project of mine that involved a coffee company concept with a complete branding package. While this is not one of my many real clients, it is an example for designers to see how even when you have some down time from work, you can build your creativity and expertise through creating brand ideas and implementing them without a specific brand opinion. Since there are no stipulations or predetermined ideas for how it should be this is one of my favorite ways to build my creativity and learn as a designer by implementing my knowledge and designing/creating on the fly.

Step 1 : Mood Board

Beginning with any project for a client, my first move to creative ideas is to create a portfolio of imagery and content that plays to the client's industry and style. In the design world, this "portfolio" is called a Mood Board. While many clients who are looking for outside work often have some idea of what they're looking for, a Mood Board is a great way to gain creative ideas and creativity to help the design process move along faster, and much more efficiently. Take a look at the Mood Board I created to start this branding concept to match the style that I was looking to create.

Step 2 : Logo Design

The intent for this brand concept is to give an upscale vibe with a true love for all things coffee. To start any solid brand, it all begins with a logo. A brand/company that has a strong logo shows it's potential customers that it pays great attention to detail and holds itself to a high standard. When they see your name outside the prospective shop, they need to be welcomed with comfort and, at the same time, WANT TO SPEND MONEY. Below is the logo that I have chose as the centerpiece for this brand.

With inspiration being built off of a classy shop that sells a premium product, I chose to roll with a typeface (Bickham Script Pro) that represents a classy and comfortable brand. Through the use of a script-style underline that resembles that of coffee steam coming up and outward as it hits the logo, it helps bring the name together and add character to a logo that would be fairly bland with just type.

Any brand/company should have a slogan of some sort that speaks to its clients in a way that describes what they do or the quality of their service. By adding the slogan shown to the left, it gives people a reason to feel comfortable about the brand and gives them a reason to give it a shot. At that point, the service and experience are what really keeps them coming back for more.

Step 3 : Branding/Signage

Bringing customers into a retail or service shop is not only about what you offer, but also about how you present yourself. Anyone that walks into your office or shop should be able to tell what kind of business you are and what you’re trying to achieve. Customers need to believe in your brand/product and have confidence in your abilities. Customers are constantly searching for cues to give them insights into a shop's quality and first impressions are the ones that last.

There's no better reference than a word-of-mouth approval rating from the ones closest to a brand's customers. Without a great experience, there's no reason for anyone to say a single word about your brand or what you offer. Even with average products, a good vibe and quality branding to make yourself look better than the competition could be all you need to set yourself above the rest. Take a look below for ways you can set your shop up with proper and signage.

While signage is key (shown above), branding can be done in other discrete ways that gives a good feel in and around your shop. Whether it's with merchandise, employee costume, or branding done on purchased goods that will leave the store, this will help with nothing but spreading your name and brand around town. The slideshow below shows different ways in which you can make your brand shine where it would otherwise look bland without these forms of branding.

Step 4 : Advertising

The last part of this segment is explaining the proper usage of advertisement. By using imagery that is pleasing to your viewers and is placed properly in spots that will catch a large amount of eyes, you can build your name and bring clients through your door much faster and more efficiently than a large number of marketing tactics. By using discrete verbiage and sleek imagery, the below images show how you can be short and sweet in an effective way that engages people to come and experience your store.

Step 4 : Conclusion

So there you have it. Just a few steps to set up a brand with a new and catching look that sets it atop the rest of the competition and optimizes sales in a way that it better than before. I want to thank you for reading this blog post, and if you liked what you read, I invite you to subscribe to my blog for more posts in the near future.

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