CBD Distribution Company Branding

With the recreational marijuana industry slowly finding its way in the legal consumer industries, there's plenty of untapped markets that are about to be split wide open. Whether it's a local dispensary or a state-wide lab that grows and extracts products, there are businesses opening up left and right within the states that are already legal.

One of these companies is a brand new distribution brand that plans to bring the beneficial factors of CBD (short for Cannabidiol) to the masses, and unlike most marijuana related products, CBD is legal in all 50 states. Controlled Beneficial Distributions (CBD) was created in April of 2018 by a group of Oregonians with big aspirations to bring safe and healthy alternatives to buyers nationwide in hopes to replace the everyday medications such as Tylenol or Advil.

My main goal with this project was to go with something clean, sharp and to the point. The owners of CBD weren't looking for the typical marijuana style brand as seen with most companies in states with recreational allowance. Instead of using the cliché idea of implementing a pot leaf or other basic icons to show that this product is for typical marijuana users, I went with something that is attractive to consistent users and consumers looking for something new.

The main symbol within the CBD logo is the hexagon, and you'll find that it's used through a wide variety of different branding materials. I decided to go with this symbol to resemble a piece of the chemical structure of CDB which can be seen here.

You'll find more than a hexagon in the chemical structure, but it's the strongest shape within the makeup and provides a great tool to be used in succession with the rest of the logo.

As far as the rest of the logo, I chose to go very simple with a sans-serif typeface (Louis George Café). Enclosing the full name of the company is a directional arrow that fits nicely with the right side of the icon and gives a left-to-right direction to represent a forward-thinking company working in an adapting industry that has shown great upside to expand into a strong market for years to come.

While companies that are looking for a simple logo design may be happy with this as an end result, it would be unfair to myself as a designer to stop there. With all of my projects, I like to include a few extras for my clients to not only build a good business relationship, but to also show the potential for their brand in the long run given the right tools. Below is a slideshow of different marketing and branding tools that I created for CBD to look further into the future for other projects and ideas.

What you'll find in the slideshow above is a series of branded content to grow the CBD brand further than a simple logo. By designing basic items to incorporate the look and feel of the CBD brand, I was willing to offer a broad range of design elements that turned into capital as I was able to source these items myself and profit on production of the content.

If you have any ideas for what I should create next, I invite you to leave a comment below and it might just come to fruition. Do you have a brand idea that you want to bring to life? Do you want your current brand to have a little more flair? Contact me and let's see what we can get started for you and your brand.

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"Do not go where the path may lead. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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